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Professional Chimney Sweep and Chimney Repairs

Chimney Sweeping

No matter your frequent or minimal use of your chimney, it needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent a lengthy list of potential problems. The amount of dust, and other particles that are deposited in a chimney can be alarming to those homeowners that may not be aware. We want to prevent any risk of endangering fires for you and your family. Here at Chester County Hardscaping, we have a wonderful track record that our clients have left us from our chimney sweeping work. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out how we can help you and your home!


Chester County Hardscaping - Chimney Sweeping
Chester County Hardscaping - Chimney Repair

Chimney Repairs

We offer an extensive list of repairs that we can provide your chimney. We can do anything from installing chimney caps to relining chimney flues. No matter the job at hand, we always make sure it is one of our trusted, trained professionals who is completing the job at hand. Whether it is repointing or tuckpointing chimney stone, masonry repair, or even adding energy-saving dampers, you as the homeowner will have peace of mind that the job is being executed perfectly. Contact us at Chester County Hardscaping today for all of your chimney needs!

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